Meetings Freelancer Site Cadre Launches New Event-Jobs Matchmaking Service

To help get contract planners back to work, the job site marries event hosts with temp employees. 

Screenshot of Cadre's event-jobs matchmaking website

Cadre — an online events-industry job marketplace for hiring, scheduling, contracting and paying freelance help — has launched its new "Contract a Planner" module. To help independent, freelance event staff get back to work, meetings organizations can now post their projects on the Cadre platform in order to contract with former employees, furloughed staff or choose from thousands of other event planners to get the work done.

Todd Taranto, president of Cadre, an event-job marketplace
Todd Taranto, president of Cadre, an event-job marketplace

"Our thesis is simple: The event industry’s recovery has begun, but it’s going to be a slow and bumpy ride for a while before we reach some level of stability," said Todd Taranto, president of Cadre, which also owns "Planning organizations will need to be flexible. While the business case may not be there yet to hire full-time, organizations can benefit from bringing talent back on-demand, as contract freelancers, as planning projects reemerge."

To post a planning project on the new module, hosts select start and end dates for the event, add estimates of hours needed, their hourly budget and the scope of work, and they start receiving offers from qualified planners. Once a freelancer is chosen, Cadre issues the contract, sets the payment schedule, pays the contractor, processes expenses — and even ensures a clean background check, confirms necessary insurance coverage is in place and issues year-end tax documents, all through a compliant business model that insulates planning organizations from the risk of employee/contractor misclassification. If a favorite freelancer is already engaged for the event's date, they won't show up in the search results.

"We focused on making the contracting transaction simple and seamless," said Taranto. "Organizations can invite their planning contacts to join Cadre and planners can create their Cadre profile in minutes. Posting a project to contract a freelancer can literally take less than 15 minutes."