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How the Meetings Industry Can Help Stop Asian Hate
Bizly's Kevin Iwamoto discusses why now is the time for meeting professionals to speak out.
How SXSW Will Deliver High Production Value to Remote Attendees
How SXSW Will Deliver High Production Value to Remote Attendees
Brightcove’s David Bornstein discusses how they’re helping to transform the cultural event into must-watch TV.
How Can You Ensure Attendees Follow Covid-Safety Guidelines?
Meetings consultant Liz Warwick discusses the EIC’s Code of Conduct and how attendees play a part in creating a safe event.
Will Attendees Need a Covid Passport?
Travelocity founder Terrell Jones says digital health apps can restore confidence in flying and meeting.
Event-Security Lessons from the Capitol Riot
IAVM's Mark Herrera discusses how risk assessment is evolving.
How Destination DC Is Navigating a Tumultuous Time
How Destination DC Is Navigating a Tumultuous Time
Elliott Ferguson discusses the Capitol riot, inauguration and the future of event security.
Why IMEX Decided to Cancel its 2021 Frankfurt Event
Why IMEX Decided to Cancel its 2021 Frankfurt Event
CEO Carina Bauer discusses what the cancellation means — and does not mean — for the meetings industry more broadly.
What Should You Do If a Meeting Attendee Tests Positive for Covid-19?
Eurofins' Sean Murray says early detection and transparent communication are essential.
How to Create Accessible Digital Events, Part 2
Samantha Evans of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, provides specific ways every meeting planner can ensure their virtual or hybrid event is welcoming to all.
What's Next for Meetings and Diversity?
Jason Dunn reflects on an eventful year and how far the industry has yet to go.
How to Create Accessible Digital Events
Holding meetings virtually can open up opportunities for those with disabilities.
Promoting Safe Travel in a Covid-19 World
Risk management expert Bruce McIndoe on when group travel will safely return.
How to Rethink F&B in the Age of Covid-19
How to Rethink F&B in the Age of Covid-19
From room layout to food sourcing, the pandemic has transformed event food and beverage.
How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic
As travel slowly resumes, meeting attendees and business travelers would be wise to follow these steps.
Survival Skills for Meeting Professionals
Survival Skills for Meeting Professionals
David Kliman discusses navigating the current crisis and thriving in a challenging environment.
How to Prepare for Hybrid Events and Other COVID-Driven Realities
Bizly’s Kevin Iwamoto explains how meeting planners can adapt to a changed world.
howe meetings liability square
Are Meeting Planners Liable if an Attendee Catches COVID-19?
Legal expert Jonathan Howe on the latest legal risks for meeting professionals.
How the GBAC Star Program Is Helping Meetings to Restart Safely
This certification helps assure event stakeholders of their venues’ commitment to health safety.
Best Practices for Hybrid Events
How to enhance the meeting experience for both in-person attendees and remote viewers