Aventri Launches Digital-Event Platform

The integrated solution is now available for all customers following a private beta period.

Inside the Hybrid Studio
See a first-person account of the new hybrid events studio at the Marina Bay Sands here.

Aventri, an event-management software provider, has debuted its previously announced Aventri Virtual Event Platform, a fully integrated solution that allows customers to manage their digital, hybrid and in-person events on the same system. The approach is designed to allow planners to modify events quickly for the digital realm now, and eventually facilitate transition to a hybrid approach.

Ease of use was one of the primary characteristics driving the design of the new platform, according to Aventri CEO Jim Sharpe. "We’ve seen how enterprises struggle to launch their first virtual events," he said. "Our professional-services team is working closely with clients to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to navigate this new world and become self-sufficient. Our goal is to educate the market and maximize success with virtual, and later hybrid, events.”  

The platform's features, which have been modified based on customer feedback since the beta launch in early June, include the following.

  • Agility: Organizers can easily switch an event from in-person to virtual or hybrid.
  • Ease of use: After initial training, event and marketing professionals should be able to manage virtual meetings on their own.
  • Scalability: The platform can be used for anything from small internal meetings to complex gatherings of more than 5,000 attendees.
  • Multiple formats: Single-session, multitrack and multiday programs can all be run on Aventri's platform. Prerecorded sessions can be shared live and on demand.
  • Branding consistency: The website and registration pages are seamlessly connected to the digital-event lobby and interactive sessions.
  • Security: The solution is completely browser-based and doesn't require downloading additional software to attend sessions. Aventri offers proprietary streaming technology and/or the option of connecting to a third-party supplier.
  • Real-time insight: The platform compiles metrics on attendance levels, engagement scores and overall success as the event unfolds. Such information can be integrated with other registration, marketing and website data from the Aventri platform.

Customers who were piloting the new platform during the beta period have reported impressive results. One financial-services firm doubled the number of registrants at its annual meeting compared with the in-person gathering held in 2019. About 80 percent of this year's registrants attended the event live, representing 76 countries — a 20 percent gain in geographic reach, as well.

The new Virtual Event Platform is now in general release and is available to all customers.