Brightspot Acquires Loyalty-Program Creator, Incentive Team

The incentive and event firm's new addition specializes in creating motivation programs for the kitchen and bath industries.

Brightspot Incentives & Events' (team pictured here) will expand its offerings as a result of the venture.

Brightspot Incentives & Events has acquired Incentive Team, a company specializing in creating loyalty programs for the kitchen and bath industries. 

Incentive Team's extensive experience in providing showroom loyalty programs will complement Brightspot's channel programs, enabling a broader spectrum of offerings to it clients, according to Brightspot's statement about the venture.  "Showroom professionals participating in these loyalty programs will now enjoy an enhanced experience, being rewarded for both learning and product sales. The integration will also enable Brightspot to foster relationships with industry leaders and brands that resonate with showroom professionals."

"We are thrilled about this merger with Incentive Team, as it expands our reach into new industries and reinforces our commitment to providing unparalleled incentives and channel programs to our clients," said Mike May, CEO of Brightspot. "The combined expertise and experience will enable us to deliver even more comprehensive solutions that drive long-term value for our clients."

Peter Goldberger, president of Incentive Team, will become a part-time account executive at Brightspot, where his  "insights and expertise will be instrumental in crafting strategies to protect and grow salespeople, elevating the success of the showroom loyalty programs," said May. "He emphasized the importance of rewarding professionals throughout the sales process, and this approach aligns perfectly with Brightspot's commitment to excellence."