Download Now: Tips for Today’s Event Planner

Find solutions and best practices for some of today’s most important issues when planning meetings and events. 

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Within this rapidly changing meetings and events landscape, planners need new and unique event solutions now more than ever. Where can they look to find helpful guidance and answers to some of the pressing questions that arise concerning new safety measures, staging hybrid events, site selection, and more? The Hilton EventReady Playbook is a valuable resource. Developed specifically for planners, this up-to-the minute, multifaceted program offers a host of beneficial services and turnkey tools to ensure your planning process results in a safe, productive and enjoyable event. 

In addition, the Hilton EventReady Playbook’s “Diary of an Event Planner” series provides a first-hand account from Hilton’s internal event planning team as they create their first in-person event, in real-time, during the pandemic. Planners will glean valuable planning tips, event solutions, and get answers to questions on a variety of events industry topics. Here are just a few: 

Proper Project Management 

  • Developing a detailed plan that outlines the parameters and goals of your event is crucial to the event planning process. Find out more key components to help with managing your program.

Productive Site Selection

  • Touring every contracted room is a basic first step in the site-selection process. Discover more helpful insights.

    Planning of Your Event Budget 

    • The Hilton EventReady Playbook suggests revisiting all vital aspects of your program as circumstances quickly change, including taking a second look at vendor costs. Get more helpful advice. 

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