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Incentive: What Motivates

Incentive: What Motivates covers the numerous factors that shape an effective incentive program, from the goals set, how the program is promoted and targeted, and the ways awards are delivered in order to ensure the maximum impact. Each episode covers a different aspect of motivation, tapping industry experts for fresh thoughts on do's and don'ts when running a program and learning how to better understand how to inspire people to improve performance and exceed their goals.

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Dos and Don’ts of Channel Sales Incentives
Key considerations in developing a program for channel sales.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Incentive Industry Roundtable: Predictions for the Year Ahead
In the third and final installment of Incentive's annual Industry Roundtable, panelists discuss trends in merchandise rewards and what they expect to see in the months ahead.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Incentive Industry Roundtable: C-Suite Priorities and Travel Trends
Industry luminaries see growing concern about privacy and expanding goals from incentive clients.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Incentive's 2019 Roundtable: Top Trends Affecting the Incentive Industry Today
Thought leaders from the reward, motivation and recognition industry reveal what's new and next.
Incentive Podcast Wide
How Blockchain Can Work for Employee and Consumer Rewards
Why this burgeoning technology holds possibilities for motivation and incentives.
Incentive Podcast Wide
How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day
Employee Appreciation Day inventor Dr. Bob Nelson discusses how managers can celebrate.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Motivation Lessons From the Military
Ahead of Veterans Day, a pair of veterans offer insights from their experiences.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Why Reward Delivery Matters
How a reward is packaged makes a big impact.
Incentive Podcast Wide
Combining Merchandise and Travel Awards
How merchandise can add impact to a travel incentive program
Incentive Podcast Wide
Getting the Most From Digital Rewards
Leaders from ITA Group and Rybbon discuss how digital rewards can appeal to a wide range of recipients
Incentive Podcast Wide
How to Inspire a Diverse Workforce
Mary Luckey of Maritz Motivation Solutions describes specific ways to cultivate a diverse workplace
Incentive Podcast Wide
How Technology Transforms Motivation
From ROI platforms to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, how innovation is impacting incentives
Incentive Podcast Wide
Motivating Millennials
How to inspire these high-performing and high-maintenance workers
Incentive Podcast Wide
How to Measure the ROI of Reward Programs
Melissa Van Dyke and Paul Hebert discuss the hard numbers of motivation
Incentive Podcast Wide
How to Market an Incentive Program
The first of our new audio series on effective motivation