3 Haunted Hotels In Savannah, Ga.

Check out some of the spookiest properties in this Southern city. 

Did twins die in the Kehoe House when it was a funeral home?

Being that it's the oldest city in Georgia, it's no surprise that Savannah is known as the state's mecca for paranormal activity, let alone that it's one of the most haunted cities in America. From spooky sailors that have been spotted at the seaport, to countless unexplained occurrences at some of the city's Civil War-era properties, there's no telling where you might run into the undead when you bring a meeting to Savannah. Following are three of the city's famously haunted lodging options that can host your group's next visit to this southern city.

Kehoe House

  • 123 Habersham Street
  • One meeting room
  • Built in 1892

The four-story, 13-guest room Kehoe House (pictured above) overlooks Savannah's Columbia Square and features one meeting room for hosting private events. Before the building was renovated into a hotel, the Kehoe House served as the Goette Funeral Home, hence its haunted reputation. In addition, the Kehoe family consisted of 10 children and rumor has it that two of them, a set of twins, died in the home. Perhaps the spirit of the twins lives on within the walls of this historic Savannah site? That's up for you to decide. 

Whether it's haunted or not, Kehoe House is a known place for embracing the spirit of haunted Savannah. Hotel staff can assist groups in arranging a local ghost tour during their stay.  

Marshall House

  • 123 E Broughton Street
  • 2,675 square feet of meetings space
  • Built in 1851

The Marshall House features 2,675 square feet of meeting space.

The Marshall House — now an elegant 65-room hotel with 2,675 square feet of event space across three meeting rooms — served as a Union hospital for wounded soldiers during the Civil War and remained a hospital through two yellow fever epidemics. 

Legend has it that guests often encounter ghosts in the hallways and foyers of the hotel late at night. Many have said they saw soldiers with missing limbs wandering about on the first floor. Others have heard children running down the halls of the hotel, or have reported faucets turning on by themselves with no explanation.  

To enhance the thrilling experience, groups staying at the Marshall House can book their own haunted and cemetery tours of Savannah through the hotel's management. More information on group bookings can be found here.

Olde Harbour Inn

  • 508 East Factors Walk
  • One event space
  • Built in 1892

The Inn is home to Hank, its resident "prankster" ghost.
The Inn is home to Hank, its resident "prankster" ghost.

This 24-room hotel features a resident ghost to shake things up at your next gathering. Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, having their things moving around, seeing coins drop on the floor and other spooky shenanigans that the resident ghost Hank likes to pull. 

Although there is no evidence that anyone perished in any of the fires during the building's early years, legend has it that Hank is the spirit of a hotel worker who died in one of the blazes.