How to Keep Attendees Engaged When the Meeting's Over

Engagement continues after the meeting itself ends

A good meeting keeps attendees' attention for a couple hours or a couple days. A great meeting, however, keeps it for a couple weeks, a couple months, or maybe even a couple years. In other words: long after the meeting has ended.

"On average, an attendee stays engaged in a meeting's objective for two days after the event concludes," destination management company (DMC) AlliedPRA shares on its blog. "In the meetings industry, engagement is the currency by which we measure our success. If guests keep engaged, then the planners did their job to its fullest extent."

To keep attendees engaged with your meeting after it's over, AlliedPRA says, get personal.

"As planners, our attendees are our clients," it explains. "Write thank-you notes, personalized emails, or even mail a few photos from your photobooth to your attendees' offices to remind them of all the fun -- and education -- they had during the program."

Even something as simple as a newsletter design could keep your meeting top of mind.

"Tailor internal communications to common themes for the meeting," AlliedPRA suggests. "Was your program Western themed? Maybe your newsletter has a touch of cowhide to the design for a couple months. Attendees can recall information more readily with visual cues."