The ability to work together effectively is crucial for any organization. And for meeting planners, team building activities are an especially productive way to engage individuals – whether a group of 10, 100 or 1,000 – and foster greater collaboration and cooperation.

What is Team Building?

Put simply, in the corporate setting of meetings and events, team building is the process of bringing attendees together through various activities to foster a sense of togetherness and teamwork to improve productivity, communication and other key business functions. Usually separate from education, appointments and other agenda items, team building activities are meant more to bring the group together to network, socialize and connect on a personal level.
Team building for meeting attendees might look like a CSR activity tied to the event destination or an excursion that takes advantage of the local landscape (e.g. a group hike along the off-the-beaten-path mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyo.). Depending on the size of your group and the desired outcome of the event, the team building opportunities are virtually endless.

Discover the Perfect Opportunity

Northstar Meetings Group’s exclusive digital guide shares some of the newest, most exciting and unique trends in meeting and event team building. You’ll get insider tips from industry experts about topics like:

  • Choosing the best team-building program based on the size of your group
  • Special considerations to keep in mind for both large and small groups
  • How to gauge a group’s interests and abilities for outdoor team building
  • How to create a “sense of place” that truly showcases a destination
  • How to create a “Plan B” to protect yourself from unexpected surprises

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