An Essential Legal Guide to New Meeting Business: The Planner's Handbook

The event planner's guide to managing contracts and protecting post-pandemic meetings. 

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In the wake of the pandemic, the events industry is being reinvented. Improved virtual-meeting platforms have given people alternatives to cancelling events and hosting altogether that were not available in the past. This new reality brings a host of new chal­lenges that impact the event planning contract.

Not only must planners ensure that their attendees and staff are safe, they need to reevaluate old business models and needs. That includes incorporating more flexibility into contracts than ever before — changing the terms of old standard force majeure and cancellation clauses, reimagining room blocks, and adding in more dates so that both parties can see how the planning process is going.

This exclusive guide provides expert legal advice to help you start planning for the new reality in business events. Among other aspects, you'll get insight on:

  • Understanding cancellation clauses
  • Outlining safety standards
  • Communication with vendors
  • Covid-19 and force majeure
  • Contract language best practices

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