The Life of a Meeting Planner in 10 Social Media Posts

It's a tough but rewarding job... and someone's got to do it. 

Meeting Planners Job Stress

Life as a meeting planner is pretty stressful (and by that, we mean STRESSFUL). From RFP follow-ups and food-and-beverage selections to making sure the breakout session seats are not unbearably stiff, planners have a lot on their plate from the beginning brainstorm sessions to the closing keynote. 

That being said, we all know about the rewards of being an event professional (new cities, the satisfaction follow a well-received meeting) and, yes, that's are why we're still here. Sometimes though, we just need to get some things off our chests and let the world know what we go through. Sharing the worries that keep us up at night help make us as strong as we are.

Following are 10 social posts shared by event profs that truly sum up the challenges, hilarity and benefits of living our lives as meeting planners. 

1. An Accurate Job Description

Honestly, we're confused as to why this (very accurate and educational) tidbit isn't in every  planner-job application.

2. The Amount of Paperwork We Handle

From brainstorming to signing off on the final expense, we might as well buy out a Staples to keep up with the amount of paperwork it takes to bring a meeting to life. 

3. How to Make a Meeting Planner

...And just a dash of persistence and a *sprinkle* of patience.

4. Hustling Through it All

Despite the (most likely) sleepless night, this meeting planner captioned her photo with #LifeOfAMeetingPlanner #ILoveMyJob and #MyJobIsBetterThanYours. Seems like someone is ready to kick some serious butt. 

5. It's All About Balance

Coffee counts as a proper diet, right?

6. Planner v. Nonplanner 

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Do you know the BC Hospitality Group? They are one of Denmark‘s leading businesses for MICE and you can certainly see why! - - - With over 1500 hotel rooms, over 160 event spaces and tons of meeting space, we‘re excited they are participating at our upcoming forum this week! - - - Bella Center and Comwell Conference Center as well as the Hotels below. Also soon to join the group will be Hilton Copenhagen City Centre opening in 2021. Be sure to check out their accounts for more details as they’re definitely a great option for events in Scandinavia. - - - @crowneplazacph @marriottcopenhagen @achotelbellaskycph - - - @marriotthotels @hiltonhotels @achotels - - - Sign up for our forums to meet impressive suppliers like them! If you can’t make Salzburg then next is Amsterdam so head to our website to register - - - #breaktheice #breakthriceforum #btif #breakingtheice #networking #eventprofs #buyers #suppliers #buyersandsuppliers #businessandleisure #industryevent #MICEevent #MICEforum #MICE #meetings #conferences #incentives #events #meetingplanners #eventplanners #meetingprofs #eventpros #b2bevents

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What the nonplanner asks: Is that crazy-looking building... a hotel?

What the meeting planner asks: How many guest rooms and breakout rooms, and how big is the ballroom? What's the total square footage of meeting space? How's the prefunction opportunity? How seamless are the A/V capabilities? 

7. The Duty Comes With the Title

Whoops, did my nameplate say that out loud? 

8. A Planner's Best Friend

@Squeaks413: "Fashion Island Hotel" is a hotel that really understands the meeting planners needs! Amenities of food and wine is great, but when do we ever have time to enjoy them? But a box of stress-relief goodies?! Now thats what a planner really wants.

9. The Agenda Anxiety

Is the speaker really not paying attention to the clock?

10. The Perfect Opportunity

When your career allows you to travel the world and see new sights at every turn -- sure, some things might get pricey, but the experiences are absolutely priceless.