SITE Joins Events Industry in Condemning Russia, Supporting Ukraine

The incentive travel organization's Poland chapter is providing humanitarian aid to fleeing refugees.

Photo Credit: Cloudy Design for Adobe Stock

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence has joined the growing group of events industry organizations that are condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and has taken its response a step further, as SITE’s Poland chapter spearheads industry efforts to assist the Ukrainian refugees fleeing to the neighboring country. 

Following is SITE's March 3 statement:

“SITE is a niche association of some 2,000 professionals working in over 90 countries around the world whose jobs involve highlighting the unique advantages of travel experiences within the reward and recognition programs of corporations and enterprises.  

We believe that travel rewards channel extraordinary benefits to the individuals who qualify for them, the corporations who sponsor them and the destinations in which they take place.

By celebrating diversity, highlighting equity, promoting inclusion, and fostering cultural immersion and exchange, travel acts as a powerful agent of tolerance, peace and unification.

We profess that belief again today as the peace and security of our world has been attacked, and call for an immediate end to hostilities and support for those affected.

As an association, we are committed to actively exploring how our global community can best use its collective strength to provide help, assistance and resources where they are needed.

Our SITE chapter in Poland, led by chapter president Grazyna Grot-Duziak, is already actively supporting refugees from Ukraine, who have crossed the border into Poland, with transport, accommodation, food, medicines, cleaning products, medical and legal assistance — even making their own homes available for mothers with children.

They are routing financial donations through Polish Humanitarian Action, an aid organization that has been responding to human tragedies caused by wars and natural disasters for over 25 years — “seeing in each of these crises the fate of another human being.” We have also identified two Ukraine-focused aid organizations with 501 (c) 3 status in the U.S. — Nova Ukraine and United Help Ukraine. We encourage all SITE members and chapters to help in whatever ways you can.

Finally, though nowhere near enough, our thoughts are with all of the individuals and families impacted by these events. We stand in solidarity with all of you, in hope for a free and flourishing future.”