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Aventri Rolls Out New Strategic Meetings Management Solution


Event-management technology provider Aventri has released a new strategic meetings management solution, developed in collaboration with meetings and procurement experts among the company's Fortune 100 clients. Aventri Strategic Meetings Management is meant to be complex enough to meet enterprise-client requirements, while still being accessible and easy to implement for planners looking to embark on a more structured SMM program.

The platform consists of five main pillars: a customizable meeting request and approval workflow, an integrated venue-sourcing and booking process, comprehensive budgeting capabilities for all size and manner of events, an enterprise meetings-management calendar to provide companywide visibility, and data aggregation with real-time reporting.

Oni Chukwu, CEO of Aventri
Oni Chukwu, CEO of Aventri

"Previously, industry professionals faced limited choices and complex technology for strategic meetings management," said Aventri CEO Oni Chukwu. "Building on top of our already strong foundation of event-management technology, we are disrupting the status quo and providing the industry with the alternative solution they have been looking for. Our new solution shortens the adoption curve with engaging meetings technology that teams can put to use quickly."

Aventri set out to create a robust but flexible SMM solution based on the end-to-end functionality already offered by its platform. New features and functionality have been introduced to respond to market needs, such as the ability to place internal meeting space in the venue-search results -- allowing corporate clients to highlight cost-saving options across the enterprise.

"The flexible technology powers complex enterprise meetings management," explained Shane Edmonds, Aventri's chief technology officer. "At the same time, it's ideal for organizations just getting started with a meetings program. Clients tell us it's a better way to plan, leaving more time to focus on the many other jobs that go into producing successful events."

Aventri Strategic Meetings Management is now live and available to all clients.