MeetingPlay + Aventri + Eventcore Rebrand as Stova

The combined event-technology providers are looking to create a unified brand that offers a wide range of functionality in a single platform.

MeetingPlay Aventri Eventcore Stova fusion
Photo Credit: bluebay2014 for Adobe Stock

Following the merger of event-technology suppliers MeetingPlay and Aventri earlier this year, and their subsequent acquisition of Eventcore this summer, the combined company has rebranded as Stova. The new name, which comes from the phrase "standing ovation," references the synergistic combination of these products and services "that supports clients in creating epic experiences for events of any size and for every audience," according to a press release.

The fact it has taken the company more than nine months to rebrand speaks to the name recognition of the previously separate companies, but "creating a strong, unified brand in the marketplace is essential" as the organization looks ahead, the release stated.

"For over a decade, our three unique brands have offered innovative products and technologies to help brands deliver highly impactful events," said Stova CEO Eric Lochner. "We have immense pride in the consolidated entity we have created, and we’ve only just begun. We are deeply connected to our clients’ event landscape and will continue to invest in and build event-technology solutions that consistently meet our clients' changing needs to deliver epic events, every time."

The all-in-one nature of the company's value proposition also called for an abbreviated name. "We’re excited to unveil an updated corporate name and branding that more accurately reflect the company we’ve become," Lochner continued, "a true one-stop-shop for our clients’ event-technology needs."

Stova is positioning itself as a partner for all brands, one that can help bring a complete package of technology and services for realizing event ideas — "for any event budget, size and format, from on-site and hybrid to fully virtual events."