VIDEO: Should Events Require All Participants to Be Vaccinated?

The Covid Delta variant has slowed travel recovery, but new research reveals that adherence to strict safety protocols can keep business events relatively safe.

As cities, states and countries continue to loosen and tighten Covid restrictions, planning in-person events has become more confusing than ever. What plans and protocols should be put in place? A recent Northstar event in New York demonstrated the high comfort level of attendees when all are vaccinated, and a new study demonstrates that business events are much safer than typical public settings in terms of Covid risk. With eager audiences willing to follow safety protocols and get down to business, might we see an uptick in event volume despite the recent dip in business travel?
These are the topics we discussed in this week’s Northstar Global Update, a biweekly video series in which our top editors discuss the latest developments of note from around the world. This week, Loren Edelstein, vice president and content director of Northstar Meetings Group, chats with Paul Harvey, editor of M⁢ James Lancaster, editorial director of Northstar Meetings Group U.K.; and Elizabeth West, editorial director of the BTN Group.
Here’s what we talked about:
The 100 percent vaccination at Northstar’s SMU International last week in New York City provided a high comfort level for the 120 participants. (0:05)
A new study by Freeman and Epistemix demonstrates why business events pose a much lower risk for Covid than typical daily activities in the same metropolitan area. (2:20)
In parts of Europe, proof of vaccination is required and vaccination rates are rising. (3:58)
Given current Covid conditions, are planners more apt to choose destinations with more stringent health-safety requirements? (5:30)
Due to rising Covid cases, the E.U. has removed six countries, including the U.S., from its “white list.” (10:32)
Lack of consistent regulations, both in the U.S. and globally, has been extremely difficult for meeting and event planners. (13:08)
Cases in the U.K. have risen and fallen over the summer. As schools go back into session this, some expect a spike again. (17:00)
With concerns over the Delta variant, business travel volume dropped by nine percentage points from July to August. (20:44)
We’ve seen that layers of precaution work for business events; we need to commit to providing those layers. (22:30)
The scarcity of meetings combined with remote work trends is likely to create stronger demand and more business-focused audiences for meetings and events. (23:22).