Innov8 Meetings Launches Strategic Management Organization

Innov8 Meetings & Events, which aims to help meetings departments create strategic meetings management programs, has launched.

The group will help meeting professionals with the complex processes regarding the capture of overall meeting spend, volumes and standards to achieve quantitative cost-savings aligned with risk mitigation -- metrics often lost in the sea of large-scale assessment.  

The Las Vegas-based company specializes in tracking data, leveraging spending and cost savings and customizing contracting processes. With its birth into the industry, Innov8 looks to yield multiple benefits for partners, including: 

• Greater understanding of data regarding overall costs, volume, attendance and ROI;

• Better intelligence through consistent data analysis;

• Improved meetings quality through consolidated management;

• Cost savings through systemized procurement procedures;

• Costs savings through the establishment of preferred vendors, standardized contracts, reduced negotiation time and increased vendor concessions; 

• Risk avoidance through meeting centralization;

• Upgraded legal compliance via policy guidelines and compliance tracking;

• Increased efficiencies and productivity through standard operating procedures and automation; and

• Greater value and quality through ROI meeting management and consistency. 

    Robyn Mietkiewicz, Strategic Planner, Innov8 Meetings & Events

    Cheryl Payne and Robyn Mietkiewicz, strategic partners at Innov8 Meetings & Events, say their team prides themselves on delivering a customized approach for each client. The two believe the team's ideas will shed light on a cross-functional implementation, rollout and timeline of the strategic meetings management process. 

    "The RFP process can be very time-consuming, from researching venues... and all the way through to the contracting process," Innov8's website says. "We utilize our customized technology to streamline the process, create reports and save you time while providing the information you need to make strategic decisions."