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10 #EventProfs Tweets You Don't Want to Miss This Week

In the meetings world, #EventProfs is labeled social media gold. Here's a roundup of this week's top tweets for event professionals.


If you're on social media (and let's be real, who isn't?), you know that #EventProfs is the prime hashtag to find some of the most relevant and interesting content within our great event professionals' industry that reaches meeting planners, hoteliers, suppliers, production specialists, vendors and so on.
Let's take a look at what's going on this week in the #EventProfs sphere.
1. A Peek Inside the BNC Event Shows

Set in the heart of London, BNC aims to bring together top event professionals for a day of corporate networking, learning and entertainment. Exhibitors such as Hilton and Eventbrite are showcasing throughout the event, while keynote speakers and experts from the meetings industry host discussions on the hottest topics, including event tech, creativity, and engagement.
2. We're Seeing A Push for Meeting Sustainability

The Events Industry Council has recently launched a new set of sustainability principles designed to help meeting and event professionals embrace and implement environmentally friendly practices into their meetings. Are you making the move to go #GreenMeeting all the way?
3. It's Time for EBL

In other U.K. news, the annual Event Buyers Live conference is bringing together #EventProfs in the live-events sphere this week for  one-on-one conversations between organizers and suppliers.
4. Redefining the Venue and Events Industry

2019 is already set to be a huge year for the meetings industry. This article explores five key trends (like booking venues with an appealing history) that are expected to define the #EventProfs space this year.
5. A Tribute to the Power of Music

This July, the Silverstone Classic -- a rockin' event jam-packed with classic cars, racing and killer tunes -- will honor the legendary Woodstock musical festival's 50th anniversary. With a lineup including a Joe Cocker tribute band and "Viva Santana," attendees' dancing shoes are sure to be just as revved up as the car engines. 
6. A Small Reminder That the Work Isn't Over Until It's Over

Wise words to keep top of mind this week, and always, for that matter: The last 10 percent it takes to launch your meeting and get the event underway takes just as much energy as the first 90 percent did.
7. Improving Your Exhibit Space… on a Budget

How do you possibly make your booth stand out in a room full of eager exhibiters? Here's how to add some fancy bells and whistles to your trade show space without having to deal with multiple dollar signs being added to your budget.
8. The Game No One Wanted to Play

An overpriced ticket for what many convention attendees saw as a "rubbish" sham has led to legal action taken against an event-planning company by videogame giant Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite.
9. Your Meeting Isn't Just Limited to Your Meeting Space


Your meeting's social outreach isn't limited to live-Tweeting. Here's why you should consider live-streaming your next big event to spread your message even further.
10. Injecting Some Humor into it All

Because, sometimes, you just have to accept the fact that you can only describe your work as pure wizardry.