Webcast: Managing Attendees’ Dietary Restrictions

In this webcast, experts discuss how planners can prepare for these concerns and ensure every attendee's F&B needs are met.


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This webcast was held live in December 2019.

Food allergies have become a growing concern for planners seeking to design menus that can accommodate all attendees. While it is essential to ensure the best experience for all meeting participants, it is likewise a legal obligation to keep attendees safe from harm — and that includes during meals. In this don’t-miss webcast, expert Tracy Stuckrath, CMM, will take planners step-by-step through the tricky process of planning menus to please AND avoid risk.



Michael J. Shapiro, editor, technology, Northstar Meetings Group 


tracy-food-allergiesTracy Stuckrath
President and chief connecting officer, Thrive! Meetings and Events

Tracy Stuckrath works with organizations to help them understand how food and beverage affects risk, employee well-being, company culture and the bottom line. As a planner with food allergies of her own, she has intimate knowledge of the challenges on both sides.