Using Event Design to Effect Change

Anthony Vade discusses how to collaborate to create a well-designed event.

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Now that meeting and event professionals are once again focused on in-person gatherings, it's the perfect time to rethink the design of the program in order to make sure attendees are getting the most out of the event.

anthony-vade-234In this episode of the Eventful Podcast Anthony Vade, event experience strategy director for Encore and director USA for the Event Design Collective speaks with managing editor Sarah Braley about how planners can balance the content being delivered at a meeting with the networking opportunities being offered, as well as how to collaborate internally to create a well-designed event.
Listeners will learn:
• How meeting and event professionals can effect change in their organizations (1:50)
• How planners can bring these practices back to the in-person environment (3:40)
• The art of measuring the intangible, emotional impacts of events (6:10)
• How to use keynote presentations as setup for more interactive learning (8:35)
• How to collaborate internally to design a better meeting (11:20)

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