Check In to the Hotel Wellness California
This Los Angeles property now has a 14-room floor dedicated to guests' well-being.
Throw Open the Doors
Even though you're allowed to meet indoors, bringing in fresh air is always a good idea.
A Short Walk on a Short Pier
Take the boardroom out to the water at this Key West resort.
Book Groups Into a Room Bubble
Book Groups Into a Room Bubble
This California property lets you put attendees in rooms side-by-side.
Setting a Serene Tone
When the weather is warm, dining in a garden can be magical.
Going Geodesic
These domes make social distancing easy but keep the Arizona sunset in sight.
Monterey Conference Center Bay Hybrid
Venues Are Getting Ready for Hybrid Meetings
Convention centers and other facilities around the world are installing studios for events that cater...
Pickleball for All
Pickleball for All
This desert resort has jumped on the trend, building a host of new courts.
Who's Your Favorite Peloton Instructor?
Who's Your Favorite Peloton Instructor?
Find Peloton-equipped hotels to continue your new health routine on the road.
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Which Convention Centers Are Open?
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