Travel Talk: Travel Trends for Asia in 2023

Northstar Travel Group's thought leaders discuss the reopening of China and the region, as well as the latest trends in booking and travel technology.

Thanks to China’s long-awaited reopening and growing interest in international travel and meetings, Asia is at the center of some significant shifts happening in the travel industry right now. To explore these trends and what they mean for travel professionals and the wider market, a panel of thought leaders from Northstar Travel Group recently addressed the topic for this latest episode of Travel Talk. In this video, leading editors discuss the latest developments in Asia, including:

  • Longer trips and hotel stays;
  • Greater interest in wellness and sustainable travel options;
  • And rapid adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions, ranging from biometric screening to artificial intelligence.

Joining moderator Mary Pat Sullivan, executive vice president of marketing for Northstar Travel Group, are:

Watch the video above to see their in-depth discussion of what's in store for travel in Asia this year.