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Study: Branded Event Apps Outperform Generic Solutions

A new analysis by Bizzabo shows that meeting attendees are 50 percent more likely to adopt branded tools.

Attendees are more likely to download branded than generic event apps, a new Bizzabo study finds.
Attendees are more likely to download branded than generic event apps, a new Bizzabo study finds.

Anyone who’s ever used them knows that event apps can greatly enhance the live meeting experience for attendees by making it easier for them to register, research speakers and sessions, communicate and network with fellow delegates, and engage with meeting content. So, why is it that many attendees still resist downloading and using them?

A new study published this week by event app platform Bizzabo claims to have the answer: personalization. Or rather, a lack thereof.

Bizzabo studied more than 70 events across various industries. First, it looked at gatherings that initially employed its generic event app. Then, it looked at subsequent installments of the same events that instead used a fully branded app created using its white-label event app solution, the Ultra Branded App. When it compared the two, Bizzabo found that attendees adopt white-label event apps at a rate of 50 percent higher than third-party event apps, and that they experience a 45 percent increase in engagement.

“From buying groceries to banking and shopping, we rely on apps for almost everything,” Bizzabo CEO and cofounder Eran Ben-Shushan said in a statement. “Because of this, our relationships with apps have become personal. We have come to expect app experiences that are customized to our needs and preferences. Apps for events are no exception. That is why we created our Ultra Branded Event App, to elevate the attendee experience by arming event marketers with a tool to turn their applications into fully branded and personalized experiences.”

According to Bizzabo, its Ultra Branded App allows event planners and marketers to create a unified, on-brand experience for attendees, the outcome of which is increased app adoption and engagement -- which in turn generates more attendee data that can be used to personalize the attendee experience even further.

“Our all-in-one platform addresses every event marketers’ needs, personalizing engagement so a 1,000-person event feels like 1,000 different experiences,” Ben-Shushan noted. “This latest study further strengthens what we at Bizzabo already knew: It’s more important than ever for event marketers to be able to increase their brand awareness.”