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Valut Meeting Escrow Meetings Risk
Managing Vendor Payments and Refunds in the Age of Coronavirus
The escrow process can be used as a way to manage financial risk for meetings.
How Transamerica Rebooked Four out of Five Meetings Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic
Strong contract clauses enabled the company to reschedule its events early into the COVID-19 crisis.
Tales From the Front Lines: COVID-19 Cancellation Woes
Every contract is different, as are planners’ experiences when cancelling or rescheduling meetings...
Event Cancellation Not Being Covered by Your Insurance? You Have Options
Event Cancellation Not Being Covered by Your Insurance? You Have Options
In such an unpredictable environment, insurance experts say meeting planners might have more leeway...
Coronavirus_Cancel-Hotel Contracts-Force Majeure
Can You Cancel? Coronavirus, Force Majeure and Your Hotel Contract
In this instance of a fast-moving virus, your force majeure clause will come into play.
CSR and Liability Concerns
CSR and Liability Concerns
Note to planners: Good deeds can pose legal risks
Simple Strategies for Event Risk Assessment
Simple Strategies for Event Risk Assessment
Planners must be proactive and prepared to handle crises at meetings and conventions.
Cananbis Legalization Meetings 2020
What Cannabis Legalization Means for Meetings
The legal status of marijuana in a growing number of states poses new challenges for meeting planners.
Hotel Room Poaching: Awareness, Protection and Mitigation
Avoiding fraud and falling victim to scams in relation to your meeting's room block. 
hotel contract
Essential Representations and Warranties for Event Contracts
What key event contract reps and warranties should planners be looking for? Which should be avoided?
Meeting Contract Negotiations
10 Must-Have Contract Clauses for Meetings
Essential elements for any agreement with a venue or service provider.
Legal Considerations Related to Guns and Meetings
Naomi Angel of Howe & Hutton offers points to legal issues relating to guns at meetings and events.