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Hotel Room Poaching: Awareness, Protection and Mitigation
Avoiding fraud and falling victim to scams in relation to your meeting's room block. 
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Essential Representations and Warranties for Event Contracts
What key event contract reps and warranties should planners be looking for? Which should be avoided?
Meeting Contract Negotiations
10 Must-Have Contract Clauses for Meetings
Essential elements for any agreement with a venue or service provider.
Legal Considerations Related to Guns and Meetings
Naomi Angel of Howe & Hutton offers points to legal issues relating to guns at meetings and events.
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Solutions to 9 Group-Contract Conundrums
M&C's longtime legal expert, Jonathan T. Howe, took on planner questions at Northstar Meetings Group's...
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The Importance of Proper Punctuation in Contracts
Even a misplaced (or missing) comma can wreck a contract.
Top Five Elements of an Effective Debrief
Top Five Elements of an Effective Debrief
Plan in advance, create a safe forum and be sure to be honest.
Update on the Status of Privacy Shield in the Age of GDPR
The older program is not replaced by, but rather compliments the new requirements.
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How a Contract Can Protect Your Group From Hotel Renovations
A well-written legal agreement can protect your meeting from being displaced.
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Hotel Contracts in the Wake of Commission Cuts
Room night commission cuts mean planners cannot provide "free" services anymore.
Best Practice Tip: Include This Duty-of-Care Global Forecast in Your 2019 Forecasting
A new iJET study examines threats in high-risk regions around the world. 
Do We Make Too Many Assumptions About Safety?
Recent research suggests planners need to ask the hard questions.