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As destinations around the country and across the globe continue their journeys to easing restrictions put in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19, appropriate health and safety protocols will be an important component of live events. But today’s challenges provide an opportunity to hold more creative – and still impactful – team-building programs.

Our complete guide to event team-building offers insight to original activities, many of which can be modified as needed depending on a group’s individual needs. Planners should partner with trusted venues, destination professionals and virtual platforms to develop programs that will meet and exceed the expectations of their participants and stakeholders.

The Importance of Working Together

The ability to effectively unite its members is crucial for any organization. And for meeting planners, team-building activities prove an especially productive way to foster greater collaboration and cooperation.

Particularly during a time when we have been largely separated due to a worldwide health crisis, coming together is more important than ever. Aside from meeting for business appointments, interviews and education; networking and bonding as colleagues is essential to connecting as an industry. By solving problems together, we also recover together.

Incorporating the Virtual Landscape

Virtual team building is more than just a temporary fad. “We will likely be working remotely for a long time to come and, in fact, many companies will be shifting jobs to remote permanently,” explains David Johnson, founder and CEO of TrivWorks, a trivia event production company that reports booming business with its virtual team-building events. “As such, team-building will have to follow suit, not just for the next few months, but for the foreseeable future — and quite possibly forever.”

Planners should put the same amount of thought into planning a virtual team-building event as they would any other, Johnson adds. He dives deeper into virtual collaboration opportunities within this guide.

Time to Get Planning

This exclusive digital guide shares some of the most exciting trends in team-building – those that can be implemented into your in-person, hybrid or digital events. You’ll receive insider tips from industry experts about topics like:

  • Choosing the best team-building program based on your group
  • Special considerations to keep in mind for different event types
  • How to create a “sense of place” through teambuilding
  • How to create a “Plan B” to protect yourself from unexpected surprises
  • Best practices for virtual teambuilding exercises

Download our digital guide to amp up your teambuilding skills and make your next meeting even more memorable.