Highlighting the Destination: Spotlight Local Culture in Your Event Agenda

Incorporating the destination’s local culture into your event agenda is a great way to get attendees interested and immersed in the experience of your event. 

Myrtle Beach add local culture to event agenda

Who says business travel has to be limited to business in the boardroom? Genuine travel experiences leave a lasting impression with every traveler — and what better way to enhance a business event than to include authentic local experiences. 

Meeting and event planners are the driving force behind developing these creative events that inspire attendees to truly experience the local community within their event destination. Want to increase event attendance? Savvy planners who infuse local flavor and immersive cultural experiences into their agenda showcase their professional expertise in building meaningful as well as enjoyable events — occasions that delegates will want to attend.  
There are many creative ways to engage attendees with a regional community. Our newest guide provides plentiful tips for infusing business events with local flavor and compelling takeaways, such as:
• How destination-specific activities will entice attendees to swap virtual meetings for live events
• Discovering what’s new (again) — even familiar experiences are welcomed by attendees eager to head out on the road 
• Participating in locally impactful corporate social responsibility programs
• Partnering with a DMC for activity authenticity
Use the form on this page to download this free guide and learn how to highlight your meeting destination in ways that will encourage attendee interest and event immersion.