10 #EventProfs Tweets Industry Pros are Talking About This Week

Here's what meeting and event pros are talking about this week on Twitter.


Each week, we like to round up some of the most conversation-worthy meetings industry topics -- the popular, the bizarre, the informative and everything in between -- that are creating some buzz on social media.

This week, we're dishing out some of our favorite #EventProfs tweets.

1. Meeting in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico will host the World Travel and Tourism 2020 Global Summit, and we, the Northstar Meetings Group, have all the details.

2. Everyone's Going on Spring Break

A whopping two-thirds of hospitality managers are expecting an increase in employee absence this Easter week/weekend. A survey of hotel and venue managers in the United Kingdom found 69 percent of respondents believe their employees are more likely to call in sick during busy seasonal periods.

Make sure your venue has backup ready to go and ready to work.

3. It's All About Balance

Fruit is still fruit, even if it's covered in sugar and glaze and buttery-pastry goodness, right? We support a "balanced" diet -- especially for planners who are always on the go.

4. Grab a Book & Take a Look

Which of these '#EventProfs' reads have you had a chance to dive into?

5. A Sigh of Relief

Meeting deadlines, growth potential and reaching the public; we sure have felt these stressors before.

6. A Little Look at London

Take a look at "The Crypt" venue; it's giving us all kinds of Renaissance vibes.

7. The Art of Transforming the Meeting Space

Whether it's limiting overall décor or using event tech to your advantage, these quick fixes help transform your venue in a snap.

8. Mastering the Event Planning Cycle

From the early planning days to the post-event phases, get a handle on the life cycle of a meeting.

9. The Art of Gamification

Turn networking into an incentive to get your meeting and event attendees mingling and moving.

10. Meet and a Treat

Yum. This creative idea and play on words is catchy... and delicious.