Guidebook for Successful Dealer Incentive Programs Released

Incentive Solutions’ new digital guide promises insights into successful dealer incentive growth.

Boosting sales across distribution channels is a major focus for many manufacturers and distributors -- and an area where non-cash incentives have proven particularly effective. But for many organizations, understanding the most effective ways to use rewards and recognition to motivate dealers and channel salespeople remains a bit of a mystery. To help clarify any questions around this, Atlanta-based incentive company Incentive Solutions has released a new guide offering step-by-step directions on building customer loyalty and channel sales programs.

Over seven chapters, the "2019 Guide to a Successful Dealer Incentive Program" lays out the main priorities for such a program, including how to set one up, select the right rewards and measure its return on investment. One chapter is dedicated to delivering effective communication around incentive programs, offering these five marketing tips for a successful channel sales program:

1. Explain the program's rules and purpose clearly;
2. Communicate a clear value proposition;
3. Show VIP buy-in;
4. Promote your brand values, and
5. Launch a killer kickoff.

Each step includes a few key takeaways for organizations to keep in mind as they develop a program.

"Dealer incentive programs are not a one-size-fits-all model, so identifying the ideal rewards for your target audience is vital," said Mark Herbert, president and CEO, Incentive Solutions. "Our ebook is filled with the latest marketing insights that are relevant to modern-day manufacturers and distributors endeavoring to unlock brand loyalty from B2B customers and achieve meaningful growth."

Another chapter explores the benefits of creating a coalition dealer loyalty program, where an organization collaborates with others that sell products or services that are supplemental or adjacent to theirs. These advantages of such a program include:

  • Shared program cost between affiliate organizations;
  • Better value for dealers, since more affiliates means more opportunities to earn rewards;
  • Increased customer retention, since the organization leverages the positive reputation of the affiliates as well as its own, and
  • Improved customer acquisition by gaining customers from each affiliate's own member base.

"Dealers are a key conduit to the end consumer. By improving and leveraging those business relationships with a dealer incentive program, manufacturers and distributors will be equipping themselves to drive growth and achieve a meaningful ROI," Herbert said. "Additionally, adopting strategies that utilize tools such as mobile apps, leaderboards and integration services can lead to increased engagement and sales-channel benefits that boost your business above the competition."

The full ebook can be downloaded here