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Wellness Meets Business

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At Westin, everything we do is designed to inspire well-being and enhance productivity. Meetings are no exception.

We know you have a lot on your plate, and our programs are built to help you and your group achieve goals through an integrated and meaningful gathering. You'll find focus-enhancing foods on our new Eat Well menu, catered to fuel you during your meeting. Bright Breaks such as mid-morning stretches that lead to brighter ideas, and so much more.

We ensure your team feels empowered and recharged and ready to perform at their best. 

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Bright Breaks

At Westin, we're committed to fueling active ideation before, during and after meetings. Our Bright Breaks offer attendees meaningful opportunities to refresh and recharge, whether with an energizing activity or beneficial snack.


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Flexible, Customizable Meetings

Flexibility is key to learning and collaboration, and we offer inspired spaces, both big and small, as well as agendas designed to power productivity and inspire breakthroughs on any schedule.


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Eat Well

Our nutritious menu options are created to fuel your group’s wellness. Balanced meals, delicious snacks and nourishing smoothies energize attendees and help them power through their day.




  Discover inspired spaces in destinations around the globe and start planning your next event with Westin.