Who's Your Favorite Peloton Instructor?

Find Peloton bike-equipped hotels to continue your new health routine on the road. 

If you're anything like me, you downloaded the Peloton app this past year and started pedaling away (or taking yoga, stretching, strength, cardio and other classes). My favorite cycling instructors are Christine D'Ercole (love how she empowers me), Jenn Sherman (she has great playlists and her energy is perfect) and Denis Morton (he just loves the music he chooses and explains the workings of muscles so well). I don't actually have a Peloton bike — just a spin bike I bought from a gym several years ago — but I've found I don't need the "official" one to get what I need out of the app, which costs $12.99 a month. Still, I look forward to using one of the Peloton bikes the next time I'm on the road and my hotel has them in its fitness center. You can find Peloton-happy hotels here, such as the Halcyon Hotel in Denver and the Hilton Boston Logan Airport.