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8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Adds Value to Meetings: SMU International Spotlight

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for events and attendees, according to SMU panelist Brad Langley.


"There are a number of ways that artificial intelligence adds tremendous value to your meeting for attendees," says Brad Langely, vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri, and a speaker at this month's SMU International.  


From March 24-26, Northstar Meeting Group's SMU International will be taking place in New York City. This unique affair serves as the premier global destination event where planners and suppliers will join together for meetings, networking and expert education. Industry peers will have the chance to engage in a relaxed business environment to discover new international venues and enjoy targeted industry education.

Leading up to the event, Northstar is highlighting the expertise of our SMU presenters. The following meeting attendee-engagement article is contributed by Brad Langley, vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri, and featured speaker at SMU International. 


Implementing artificial intelligence into meetings and events is a total game‐changer. How am I so confident in this? Well, let’s face it, events can be overwhelming for attendees, filled with so many people, exhibitors and sessions. AI‐powered solutions, like smart tags, beacons and mobile event apps, simplify the journey. They’re like personal assistants, helping you spend your event time where it matters most to you.

Here are some examples of why AI is the perfect vessel for adding value for your attendees at meetings and events. 

8 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Meetings Better

1. Network Better


Let’s say you and all the rest of the attendees are at an event's welcome reception. Using Bluetooth‐enabled smart tags and mobile apps, each person has the ability to identify their best prospects within 30 feet.

With this type of AI, those taking advantage of the advanced tech will receive a headshot of the prospect on their cell phone, along with a list of interests that both parties have in common.

Simply put, AI helps you make the right connections in a way that’s convenient and accessible in real time. 

2. Manage the Tsunami of New Contacts


Certain forms of AI enable users to exchange contact information virtually in an instant via smart tags.

Here's how it works:  You’ll get a digital record of every connection you make throughout the meeting, networking event, etc., along with the time and place you met. The technology helps you manage the tsunami of connections you make at large‐scale events in a way that makes followup easier than ever.

3. Customize Your Agenda 


Advanced event-management platforms use AI at key points throughout the event's lifecycle. For starters, they make recommendations as you fill out your online registration form.

These solutions leverage AI’s ability to process vast amounts of event information instantly. Then, the technology recommends sessions, exhibitors and other attendees that you can connect with based on shared interests and overall event goals.

4. Ratchet Up Personalization 


Once you opt in onsite, smart tags capture data passively in sessions and across the show floor. The system gets smarter over time. It continues to personalize and enhance the event for you in real time based on your onsite behavior. Key metrics here include the sessions you attend as well as your repeat visits and time spent ("dwell time") at exhibitor booths.

5. Get More from Events 


When your meeting attendees participate in a session, AI‐powered solutions can push content to them that’s relevant right at that moment -- as a speaker is presenting on a specific topic, for example.

Leaving the session, for instance, those same attendees then might click on the speaker bio in-app to see the main points they covered and blog posts they wrote regarding the topic(s) discussed.

In short, artificial intelligence technology helps tie together your entire event journey.

6. Create a Unique Experience 


AI solutions can help to bring in and streamline other relevant information, too. Let’s say attendees are sitting in on a session regarding AI, and they've let the system know they’re an avid baseball fan (when filling out their initial bio information or a questionnaire, for example). The technology might push an article to them about how AI helps sports teams scout star players.

7. Simplify the Journey 


Smart tags do away with scanning and swiping. Instead, event participants can check in and out of each session automatically thanks to sensors placed in the room that are hooked up the the AI tech.

AI stays in the background, and event-goers get a sleek, accessible experience along with immense value added that they didn’t have in the past.

8. Make the Most of Your Time 


The latest AI tools are even able to tell attendees whether of not they're on schedule, and if they're going to make it to their next session on time.

Maybe it’s too far away, and they’re running late.

They’ll automatically receive information regarding a recommended backup session that’s relevant and closer in proximity to their current whereabouts.

What else will the AI app tell them? Perhaps the top prospects to connect with at each breakout session and useful exhibitor booths to check out along the way.

In short: AI solutions are all about streamlining the experience, adding value and helping attendees make the most of their time at events.

Brad Langley, vice president, channel and partner management, at Aventri and speaker at this month's SMU International

Brad Langley, vice president of channel and partner management at Aventri, is an  event-tech leader with endless energy and enthusiasm. He brings all that to Aventri, plus a 30-year track record of exceeding business goals at world-leading incentive and travel companies.

Earlier in his career, Brad led sales and operations at Maritz Travel Co., Eastern and Western U.S. regions. Later, he served as president and COO at Creative Group Inc., which was honored with the Deloitte & Touche Innovative People Programs Award as Wisconsin’s No. 1 privately held company for employee programs and accomplishments in innovation and globalization, and Nth Degree Events.

He understands the challenges to third parties to grow their business efficiently in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment.


SMU International takes place later this month. Brad Langley will participate in agenda items such as an expert panel discussion regarding perspectives on the global meetings industry.

For more information on this can't-miss event, click here.