Clear Skies for Stargazing

At Arizona gatherings, take attendees on a tour of the galaxies.

The Horsehead and Flame nebulae, courtesy of Arizona Sky Tours

During Northstar Meetings Group's Incentive Live: 2021 GMID Edition, held at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in early April, guests were treated to an intimate glimpse at the heavens, courtesy of Arizona Star Tours.

Moonrise over the desert, courtesy of Arizona Sky Tours
Moonrise over the desert, courtesy of Arizona Sky Tours

Astronomer/owner Benjamin Loker arrives with the biggest telescope he can move by himself to show off the best galaxies, star clusters, planets, moons and nebulae, and talks about the science, history and physics of what the group is seeing. The telescope's attached camera can send images to any screen available (he brings along 32- and 55-inch screens) so people can see everything, and nobody has to wait in line. "This way, we can show twice as many things as we would if people were taking turns," Loker says. "It becomes very engaging." Arizona Star Tours has handled groups of up to 1,500; call for pricing.

The Lagoon Nebula, courtesy of Arizona Star Tours