Photographic Distancing
Here's a prop to encourage safe snapping.
Color Outside the Lines
Color Outside the Lines
Play dynamic hues off of one another with this on-trend combo. 
Sitting Pretty, Spaced Apart
Pull together a warm palette for your next room set.
Golden Candle Glow
Golden Candle Glow
Bet you can't guess which classic trend is getting a fresh spin.  
Table Talk
Try this new arrangement for a group meal.
Uncut Grasses
Uncut Grasses
We seriously can't get enough of this do-it-all decoration.
Angled Centerpiece
Angled Centerpiece
Add a touch of natural beauty to your tabletop.
How to Get More Creative With Your Conference Room Design
How to Get More Creative With Your Conference Room Design
Tapping into the latest furniture trends can elevate your event in a variety of ways.
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5 Outdoor Event Themes Perfect for Summer
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The Psychology of Meeting Room Design
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How to Create Next-Level Theme Parties
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Why You Should Stop Planning Events — And Start Designing Them
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