Rearranging the Furniture

Here are some insights from Cort Events on how event seating is changing.


Sitting shoulder-to-shoulder at events just doesn't fly in this health-conscious era, does it? We asked Rebecca Bertram, account executive for Northern California and the Pacific Northwest for Cort Events, about the trends she's seeing.

Are planners still spacing for pandemic safety?

This varies greatly from region to region as you travel around the country. For some of my counterparts in the South/Southeast, distance is not being requested. Here on the West Coast, I am finding that while the distance is getting smaller, we are still planning for extra space and safety precautions.

What are the most popular free-time setups now? I’m guessing this means lounges, coworking spaces, etc.

This also varies depending on the type of event, but a theme you'll see is chairs instead of sofas, smaller groupings so that people have less exposure, and larger footprints to give breathing room between seats and between groups of seating.

Case in point is the above setup with a Galactic Cocktail Table in front of Atherton Chairs flanked by planter dividers with ferns and two Marche Ottomans in teal velvet.