Roger Dow to Step Down From the U.S. Travel Association in July 2022

Roger Dow US Travel president CEO

Roger Dow, who as CEO of U.S. Travel oversaw the conversion of a tepid industry association into a lobbying powerhouse, announced he will be stepping down in July 2022.

Dow will be remembered for wrangling a fractious group of travel sectors with competing interests — hotels, cruise lines, destinations, airlines, airports, theme parks, tour operators, rental car companies, payment systems, intermediaries — into a unified organization that put aside their differences to line up behind the common goal of increasing travel to and within the United States.

Together with Loews Hotel chairman Jonathan Tisch, Dow helped engineer the merging of the former U.S. Travel Industry Association and Tisch's Travel Business Roundtable to create U.S. Travel in 2008.

That year, the meetings and hospitality industry faced the double challenge of a recession and criticism from elected officials, including President Obama, for holding meetings in luxury properties during an economic downturn. In coalition with other industry groups, the Meetings Mean Business initiative was launched, helping to stem the threat during a particularly difficult period. Dow recalls that period as the association's "coming of age" period.

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