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10 #MeetingProfs Tweets to Check Out This Week

What meeting and event pros are talking about this week on Twitter.


Each week, we like to roundup some of the most popular, interesting and conversation-worthy meetings industry topics that are creating some buzz on social media.

This week, we're dishing out some of our favorite #MeetingProfs tweets.

1. Low Key Events With a Major Key Impact

You might think giving people all the options will make them love your meetings more. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that "too much" could be a detriment.

Remember, sometimes less is more.

2. Wellness in the Workspace

Wellness and an overall state of wellbeing are major trending topics among meeting planners these days. In fact, at our Incentive Live event last week, many attendees addressed the desire and challenge of tying overall wellbeing into their travel schedule.

From exercise to sleep and F&B options, this article looks at taking overall health into account while on the road.

3. The Power of Face-to-Face

Despite the continuing tech takeover, there's no denying the value of face-to-face meetings and interactions. That's why venue space remains in such high demand and why the meetings industry continues to thrive over time.

4. In Case of an SOS

Before heading out the door, make sure your meeting planner emergency kit is ready to go! When traveling, how many of these items can be found in your bag?

5. A Little Food for Thought

And also a little bit of an ego boost.

6. Integrating Automation

Encourage user-generated content at your next event to blur the lines between the tech takeover (mentioned before) and human interaction. When attendees are able to contribute using event technology, everyone has a chance to participate.

7. Little Gestures That Make a Difference

Just like a goodie bag did when you were a kid, a conference-care package helps attendees feel valued. It's a great idea for further engaging your meeting-goers. Fill attendee packages with items like tissues, mints, healthy snacks, single-serve Champagne bottles, etc.

8. Prepping Speakers for Success

Stick to the time schedule and don't forget to rehearse! It takes a team to make sure an event runs smoothly.

9. Back on That Wellness Tract

Put down the cocktail hotdogs! These healthy F&B strategies are easy to incorporate, and are just as delicious!

10. Don't Leave Them Dozing Off

These tips and tricks can help your meeting attendees keep their eyes open and their minds sharp.