Destinations International Announces Partnership With ADMEI

The two destination-focused organizations will collaborate to create informative educational programs for their respective members.

Photo Credit: Yingyaipumi for Adobe Stock

Destinations International has announced a collaboration with the Association of Destination Management Executives International, a membership association for destination management companies, to create educational content.

"Collaboration is key in today’s environment," said Don Welsh, president and CEO of Destinations International. "Aligning with ADMEI and providing educational programs provides our members with powerful resources and tools that will equip them for the future."

The partnership includes a team that will develop content about collaborating on event cancellation insurance; the differences between destination organizations and DMCs; how destination organizations and DMCs can work together and the benefits that come with it; and developing webinars for one another’s member groups.

"This partnership speaks volumes about our mutual commitment to elevating tourism in our local communities and empowering local people," said Lonise Carey, president of ADMEI. "When DMCs and destination organizations come together, it can bring about revolutionary changes to the hospitality industry — changes that improve the economic and social fibers of communities throughout the world. Our shared core values have brought us together, and this solidifies our commitment to advancing education that will positively impact our industry for years to come."