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Rymax Marketing Services' New Leader

Eve Kolakowski is the first female president of the incentive and loyalty marketing awards provider

Rymax Marketing Services, a leading incentive rewards provider, has a new president.

Eve Kolakowski, the longtime COO, was promoted to the new position by Rymax's founder, chairman, and CEO Marc B. Farbstein, the company announced on Monday, June 4.

The company's first female president, Kolakowski will be responsible for day-to-day operations and leading company strategy.

"Eve has been with Rymax since its infancy and has played a pivotal role in the success of our business," said Farbstein, in a statement. "Her dedication, passion, and influence in shaping the industry have proved to be invaluable to the growth and strength of Rymax. I am more than confident that she is the right person to continue Rymax's reign as the industry's foremost incentive provider."

Rymax currently handles 400 brands, providing, about 15,000 products to the incentive and loyalty marketing industry.