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Motivation Excellence Announces New Owner/CEO

David Jobes takes over following the retirement of Greg Lewis

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Incentive and meetings provider Motivation Excellence has announced that David Jobes, former president of the company, has taken over as CEO and owner. He assumes the role following the retirement of Greg Lewis, who founded the Schaumburg, IL-based incentive house in 1985 and served as its CEO since. 

While those may be big shoes to fill, Jobes has himself been a leader at Motivation Excellence for much of its history, serving as president since 1992. In 2007, he was promoted to president and chief operations officer, and has been responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company while developing its executive management team over that time. He has focused on growing the Motivation Excellence portfolio of products and services aimed at helping clients improve business performance through incentives and hold memorable events.

"I'm passionate about this company and our employees, and am excited to take this company to a new level," Jobes said, in a statement. "I'm proud of how far we have come over the last several years but am ecstatic about where we are headed in the future."

The company stated that, "We anticipate that this change will only bring positive outcomes for everyone moving forward. Our dedication has always been to both our clients and employees alike, and that is what we will continue to focus on in the years to come -- providing exceptional service with incredible results."

Reflecting on how far Motivation Excellence had come on its 30th anniversary, in 2015, Lewis highlighted how Jobes had personally worked to create a positive culture in the organization, going out for lunch with an employee once a month, "just to let them talk about their ideas and what we can do to improve. I believe we get people to tell us what they think, not just what we want to hear."