Holiday Gift Guide for Clients, VIPs and Employees

Gourmet cookware, luxe mattresses and succulent crab claws are just a few of Incentive's picks for seasonal giving.

Photo Credit: Anaumenko for Adobe Stock

Gifts that enhance hard-working employees' and valued clients' home-based lives are the hottest rewards for 2020, according to industry experts. Following are Incentive’s picks for the best offerings of the season.

Timepiece for the Ages

Swarovski crystals elevate this elegant watch from Seiko. The timepiece is crafted of stainless steel with a two-tone finish, and includes a classic cabochon crown. Cost: List price, $340. 

Gifts for the New Pet

New fur-baby parents will appreciate this welcome gift from BurstBox. The package is filled with pup-pleasing goodies and toys, including a tennis ball, tug rope and organic “bone” biscuit. Cost: $37; customization is available.

Take an In-Home Bike for a Spin


Give top performers the gift of 24/7 fitness: Pelaton bikes, paired with the company’s livestreamed classes, deliver an immersive, in-home cycling experience. Cost: $1,895, includes delivery and assembly.

Expert Coffeemaker for the Home

With its built-in grinder, the Barista Pro from Breville crafts the perfect cup of espresso in seconds. Cost: $1,299.

New Bed for Easy Rest

A good night’s rest is the perfect antidote for stressful days. The Mlily Fusion luxe mattress, with its unique combo of foam and springs, promotes cool and comfy sleep. Cost: List price, $1,799-$3,299. 

Dutch Oven for the Chef


Home chefs can concoct hearty stews, casseroles and one-pot meals with this cast iron, 3.5-quart Le Creuset Essential Oven. Cost: List price, $290.