Dubai: A City That Never Stands Still

Steen Jakobsen on how World Expo 2020 has elevated this destination's meetings offerings.

Dubai has long been a highly desirable destination for groups thanks to its blend of rich culture, stunning sights and wide range of venues ideal for events. But the recent World Expo 2020, in which 192 countries took part and 24 million visitors attended, demonstrated that when it comes to hosting events, this city may just be warming up.

In this vision video, Steen Jakobsen, associate vice president of Dubai Business Events, discusses the World Expo's impact on Dubai's meetings offerings — including the fact that 80 percent of all infrastructure built for the expo (including the new Dubai Exhibition Centre) will be repurposed and available for groups in the future. He shares how the destination's intellectual capital makes it an appealing option for events that can leverage its homegrown thought leaders and innovative organizations, and how DBE can help make these connections for gatherings of all sizes.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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