Vision Video: How MGM Resorts International Creates 'You Had to Be Here' Moments

The brand’s vast range of offerings make it an ideal choice for returning to in-person events.

The last year and a half has shown us that there is something that happens when we meet in person that can’t be replicated with even the most sophisticated virtual platform. Any visitor to one of MGM Resorts International’s 12 properties and dozens of venues has experienced that firsthand, whether through the connections they’ve made or the service they have received. 
In this Vision Video, Stephanie Glanzer, chief sales officer and senior vice president of MGM Resorts International discusses how the brand’s global collection provides attendees with countless “wow” moments. She explains why this is a better time than ever before to host an event at MGM Resorts, thanks to new tech offerings, enhanced entertainment and the intangible magic that comes from bringing people together in person for the first time in a long time.
Watch the Vision Video above to learn how MGM Resorts is helping create an experience that will have attendees eager to be nowhere else but “here.”

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