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etc.venues at 601 Lexington Avenue

Another New York City events venue from the award-winning UK team

There are few meeting or event venues in New York like 601 Lexington Avenue. That’s because this sublime new space has been conceived by etc.venues, the award-winning team behind 360 Madison, which won 'Best Conference Venue Global' at the Stella Awards.

So, who exactly is etc.venues?

etc.venues 601 Lexington - Fiscal Boardroom 2

Impressing the hard to impress

etc.venues is one of the UK’s leading meeting and event venue providers. For over 30 years, they’ve developed a reputation for impressing the hard to impress — hosting events for Prime Ministers, Royalty and countless dignitaries. Now they’re impressing NYC with their second Midtown venue at 601 Lexington Avenue. 

Convenient location

Getting to 601 Lexington Avenue couldn’t be easier. Located in the Plaza District of Midtown Manhattan (formerly CitiCorp Center), the venue can be accessed in-building from Lexington and 51st St. Subway Station.

etc.venues 601 Lexington - St Subway Station

Versatile space

The venue is situated on the 14th floor and includes 12 rooms with a maximum room capacity of 224 attendees and plenty of breakout areas. All of which makes the space perfect for strategy meetings, presentations, training days, brainstorming sessions, networking events, corporate galas and more.

Performance-enhancing food

Whatever kind of event you have in mind, you can be assured that the quality of the food will ensure it’s a memorable one. Their award-winning chefs use the freshest seasonal ingredients to create snacks, breakfast and lunchtime dishes that are as nutritious as they are delicious and unlimited fresh bean-to-cup coffee is always on tap. 

etc.venues 601 Lexington - bento box new

Inspiring design

Meticulous thought has also gone into room layouts, colors, specially commissioned art works (check out the Andy Warhol-style prints of Queen Elizabeth), and floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light; keeping attendees inspired and at their best.

etc.venue 601 Lexington lounge room

Smarter built-in tech

All A/V is built-in and ready to go. Connecting devices is effortless with hi-speed Wi-Fi included in the DMP (Daily Meetings Package).

Hybrid event solutions

For those who want to keep one foot in the virtual space, etc.venues also offers a fully managed hybrid events solution. 

etc.venues 601 Lexington - hybrid events

Already impressing guests

For all these reasons, this newly opened meeting venue is already starting to earn a strong reputation for itself with recent client feedback like this:

“I have never worked with such a responsive or organized venue before. It really made my job much easier.”

A proven formula

etc.venues at 601 Lexington may be new but the company’s formula is proven. All of their venues are purposefully designed and include:

  • High speed Wi-Fi and seamless hybrid event connectivity
  • Sound-proofed walls and ceilings
  • Natural light throughout
  • Vibrant colors that stimulate and inspire ideas and creativity
  • Striking design and provocative art to inspire attendees

Accommodating uncertainty

More importantly, the team at etc.venues understands the need to be flexible and even provides booking options to accommodate a clients’ potential uncertainty. With an approach like this, it’s hard not to be impressed. 

For more information: 

Call: 646-844-6004
email: the.team@etcvenues.com