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Volan Technology Rebuilds Confidence in In-Person Meetings

The meetings industry is poised for a rapid rebound and Volan Technology is on the forefront of that trajectory. In order for attendees to feel confident in participating in an in-person meeting, it has become vital that a robust health and safety plan be in place. Yet meeting planners have found that time-consuming and inaccurate manual contact tracing that lead to inconvenient mass quarantines is a major pain point. Volan Technology has developed a solution for that. 

Volan Technology 2
Assisting attendee with the easy-to-use, Volan Sensor on a lanyard

A company that started as a way to better protect workforce and schools, Volan swiftly adapted their technology to include incredibly precise and easy-to-implement contact tracing capabilities. This promptly proved to be enormously beneficial for meeting planners as it added that final piece to their safety toolkit. Additional benefits, such as room capacity alerts and analytics capabilities, provide considerable value for the affordable solution. 

After successful implementations at meetings for Associated Luxury Hotels International and Northstar Meetings Group, Volan is proven to be effective for groups of all sizes and in virtually any space.

How it Works

Volan Shields are battery powered devices that are quickly and easily installed with zero need for IT or infrastructure modifications. The Shields communicate with small wearable Volan Sensors — that can be worn on a lanyard or tucked into a name badge — to report individual, real-time 3D location positioning.  

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This method creates precise contact tracing data of both live and historical room exposures, which means meeting planners now have the ability to communicate in a detailed manner to a prioritized list of participants most exposed in minutes. This effectively eliminates the need for mass communications and quarantines, as well as time-consuming and inaccurate manual tracing. 

 Additionally, during the meeting, the technology automates occupancy monitoring by sending real-time alerts when a space has too many individuals. This is all done on Volan’s patented Bluetooth 5 mesh network that provides this pervasive coverage wirelessly on sites of all sizes, with zero dependency on smartphones, GPS or the internet.

Advanced Analytics

Volan’s benefits go far beyond contact tracing with detailed meeting analytics capabilities. The only company to offer both, exhibitors will have access to ranked booth visitations that can be used to better qualify sales follow-ups and attendee trip reports. Planners also will gain insight into hourly attendance, traffic flow and room occupancies to help shape successful future sessions.

Privacy by Design 

When developing the technology, the team at Volan knew privacy would be a top concern, so they made that a driving force in their design. Random ID numbers are assigned through an encrypted iOS app to which only designated administrators have access. All passwords and personal information are managed by the meeting planner or company leader. Volan does not collect individual data or have any access to attendee or employee personal information. And should a device be lost or stolen, there is no need to worry as zero information is stored on the devices. And similar to a car’s bluetooth, the technology stops the moment an attendee leaves the geo-fenced zone. 

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Volan Meetings Node

 End-to-End Experience

“Learn a new technology” is not something planners want to add to their already overflowing to-do list and Volan ensures they won’t have to. The company provides a true 360-degree experience, including a pre-arrival communications toolkit to put attendees’ minds at ease; management of the distribution and collection of devices; and a rep on-site at all times to ensure every aspect of the day is running smoothly.  

To learn more about how Volan Technology can help provide confidence in a safe and secure meeting, visit VolanTechnology.com.
Reach out directly to Tony Yousfi, Vice President of Hospitality Sales, [email protected], 702.672.8362.