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Epic Events Are on Deck With Virgin Voyages

From stargazing cocktail parties to sunrise yoga sessions as the ship sails to some of the most captivating destinations around the world, Sailors are in for the extraordinary experience and reward they deserve with Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyage night 2

Gorgeous Lady Ships

After all, the exclusively adult sailings are built around making your celebrations epic. Virgin Voyages has designed four gorgeous lady ships to combine the warmth and luxury of yachts with the endless options of larger ships, complete with meeting spaces that excite and allow for different vibes at different times of the day.

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Award-Winning Dining

And, as winner of the Cruise Critic’s Editors’ Picks Award for Best Dining, you know that they’re primed to please every palate. They’ve ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring Sailors fresh flavors and unexpected pairings with made-to-order food and menus from Michelin-starred chefs. They’ll dine on churrasco steak and lemon cheesecake at The Wake, mezze-style bites and glasses of rosé in the open air of The Dock, or get their crew together for a lively Korean BBQ free-for-all at Gunbae.

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Luxury Inclusions

All Virgin Voyages sailings are filled with luxury inclusions, too; with dining at 20+ eateries, WiFi, essential drinks, tips, entertainment, and group fitness classes free from surprise fees, your Sailors are in for more than just smooth sailing to over 100 destinations around the world. 

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Great for Groups

Group bookings receive up to $200 onboard credit per cabin (including for the group leader) and the opportunity to host one complimentary cocktail event. Plus, with flexible policies and a personal concierge ready to assist with setting up events, your groups are ensured more than the best week of their year, but the best adventure of their lives.

Learn more at virginvoyages.com/charters-incentives