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Take Center Stage On The Las Vegas Strip

With the hottest shows and unique venues, Spiegelworld invites your event to share the limelight.

Entertain the possibilities for your next Las Vegas meeting and choose the extraordinary. Spiegelworld is the premier producer of audacious live shows on the Las Vegas Strip; fast-paced, funny, raunchy concoctions of comedy, acrobatics, variety and mayhem. Each of its three showroom venues, and its new art-filled restaurant Superfrico, is a unique, immersive world of theatrical design, intimate spaces and unexpected delights. And now, you can take over one of Spiegelworld’s stages to wow your guests in a meeting environment unlike any other on the planet.

Spiegelworld superfrico dj

Three Ways To Be A Vegas Headliner

Named by Las Vegas Weekly as the “#1 greatest show in Las Vegas history,” Absinthe takes place in Spiegelworld’s very own circus tent on the Roman Plaza, right outside Caesars Palace. The air-conditioned tent sits within the Green Fairy Garden with its outdoor bars and magnificent Absinthe Electric Oak, an art installation with over 30,000 LED leaves. Inside, the 585-seat tent is a surprisingly intimate carnival world; a chaotic cornucopia of mirrors, art and carefully curated flotsam.  

Spiegelworld atomic saloon show

Spiegelworld’s newest show on the Strip takes place in the most incredible venue in Las Vegas. The 244-seat Atomic Saloon in The Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort is a wondrous playground that is much, much more than a regular Las Vegas showroom. It’s as if a wild west saloon has crashed into an Elizabethan theatre with a VIP nightclub attitude. With a labyrinth of multiple bars, secret rooms and other curiosities to discover, guests find themselves stepping into another world that they never want to leave.  

Spiegelworld superfrico pizza

Finally, Spiegelworld’s space-themed adult comedy variety show OPIUM takes place in an out-of-this-world, 250-seat theatre at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Guests are welcomed on board the trippy Starship OPM 73 which contains a range of spaces for meeting and entertaining including the showroom, Departure Lounge, two side bars, VIP Booths, and the secret Reliquary which contains relics from Spiegelworld’s history.

Spiegelworld ski lodge drink

Superstars In The Kitchen

Connected to the OPIUM Theatre, Superfrico is Spiegelworld’s new Italian American Psychedelic restaurant, recently rated by Eater as one of the top new restaurants in Vegas. A veritable smorgasbord for the senses, Superfrico is more than a restaurant — it’s an experience. Expect wall-to-wall eye candy across a series of imaginatively-themed, infinitely explorable bars, lounges and dining rooms, all with a bumpin’ soundtrack courtesy of the Strip’s only all-vinyl DJ.  As well as offering a range of unique daytime meeting spaces, Superfrico is able to create a delicious dining solution to feed any event. And across all of its venues, Spiegelworld boasts one of the most creative cocktail programs on the Strip.

Use Your Imagination

If you think your meeting or event needs a point of difference that could only happen in Las Vegas, Spiegelworld’s venue sales and creative teams would be happy to work with you to personally customize your experience.

Contact them today to create the unforgettable.