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Meet Under the Sun in Long Beach, CA

A City of Wide-Open Spaces and Hybrid Meeting Places

Of all the possibilities for your next convention, one stands alone at the center of SoCal. In fact, Long Beach has invested over $1 billion in their downtown waterfront and you won’t have to look hard to find unique, turnkey venues. The Convention & Entertainment Center Campus, the heart of its new hybrid meeting model Long Beach Live, is also within walking distance of a dynamic seaside destination that you are sure to find refreshing.

Hybrid Events Made Easy

Every convention, meeting or event needs to be digital, now and well into the future, as a way to expand their business, audience and community. And the Convention Center’s new Long Beach Live is doing just that, by creating hybrid conventions that are easy and affordable. With an entire campus as a production-ready stage, infinite customization options of scalable spaces, and production lighting, sound, and accessories (at no extra cost), they provide everything you need to “hybridize” your events – from planning to execution – ensuring a highly engaging experience for all participants.

Long Beach auditorium

A Convention Center of the Future — Now

A campus of more than 400,000 square feet of expansive, modern, flexible exhibit and special event space and a recent $60 million modernization has created a new model for the contemporary convention center of the future, designed to give guests a stylish and welcoming social experience. The center’s lobbies and hallways are enhanced to create mini-meeting spots and networking pods where attendees can sit, talk and socialize inside and outside.

Long Beach lounge

Each venue has pre-installed professional theatrical/event lighting and sound systems. The Pacific Ballroom at the Long Beach Arena is one of Southern California’s hottest new meeting and special event venues. With 45,000 square feet of floor space and the built-in professional LEDs, stage lighting and sound system, the Pacific Ballroom provides an intimate environment for dinners, concerts, and special events of up to 5,500 people. The open-air Terrace Plaza comes complete with programmable dancing water fountains, while The Cove, with its “under-the-pier” motif, is the perfect place for an outdoor SoCal Food Truck Party.

Long Beach pink

Combine Big-City Fun With SoCal Beach Vibes

With 340 days of sunshine annually and miles of wide-open sandy beachfront, Long Beach offers the perfect blend of big-city excitement, entertainment and amenities, alongside the laid-back welcoming atmosphere of a beach resort. It also features its own world-class attractions: The Queen Mary, Aquarium of the Pacific, Rainbow Harbor, The Pike Outlets & Entertainment Center, Shoreline Village and eclectic neighborhoods of arts and culture. 

Just steps away, visitors can explore a compact eight-block area in the downtown waterfront and experience a refreshingly casual-chic nightlife. Long Beach has more than 120 restaurants in an 8-block radius serving everything from hot dogs to haute cuisines from around the world. And, not just award-winning restaurants but also Long Beach-inspired nightclubs, live music and artisanal bars — all within walking distance.

Long Beach is the perfect blend of big-city fun and small-town charm — and the perfect backdrop for its new Hybrid Convention Model. Learn more about Long Beach Live — Hybrid Conventions made simple.

For detailed information on Long Beach’s extensive meeting services, contact Joseph Jenci at the Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau: [email protected].