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A Transformative Maui Experience Focused on Sustainability

Make meetings and events in Hawaiʻi meaningful through giving back with Grand Wailea’s Mālama Hawaiʻi program.

At Grand Wailea, we aim to offer our guests a unique selection of sustainable, locally rooted experiences. These offerings reflect our commitment to the way of life and traditions of our island home, and they give each guest a more meaningful Maui experience unique to Grand Wailea.

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Corporate Social Responsibility with Environmental Emphasis

As part of this commitment, we have joined forces with the Mālama Hawaiʻi program, an initiative launched by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, which invites travelers to experience the Hawaiian Islands on a deeper level. The program is rooted in an emphasis on connecting with Hawaiian culture, giving back to the islands, and preserving the natural landscape and culture for the future.

As part of our Meeting & Events programming, we offer an opportunity to mālama (give back), we invite you to join us in our own Mālama Hawaiʻi program, which, in the spirit of the state’s initiative, invites guests to connect with our island home in a tangible, fulfilling way. We have designed our program together with our nonprofit partner Hawaiʻi Land Trust (HILT) to provide our guests with the opportunity to work as HILT volunteers to make positive contributions to the land, ocean, wildlife, forest, fishpond, and community of Hawaiʻi.

Working together with HILT’s coastal preservation team, volunteers help with restoration and conservation projects, land stewardship, and special projects. This varied experience gives volunteers the chance to immerse themselves in the land to better understand its unique characteristics through hands-on volunteer activities at various HILT preserves throughout Maui. This one-of-a-kind opportunity roots volunteers to our island home, deepening the bonds between Grand Wailea, our ‘‘āina (land) of Maui, and our guests.

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Hawaiian Cultural Activities

Our Mālama Hawaiʻi program is indicative of one of our greatest strengths at Grand Wailea—the unique set of locally rooted experiences offered through the resort. Our on-resort experience furthers this, with our rich lineup of cultural activities immersing guests in authentic Hawaiian culture, including with our spectacular lūʻau and through the various classes, lessons, tours, and experiences organized by our Hawaiian cultural ambassador. Guests can greet the rising sun with a rousing e ala e chant on Wailea Beach, take a cultural tour of our resort, learn how to make traditional Hawaiian crafts, and learn to dance the hula or play the ukulele.

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Exciting Outdoor Activities and Authentic Culinary Experiences

In addition, attendees can take part in a wide range of exciting outdoor activities, including pool adventures, epic hikes, outrigger tours, whale watching, snorkel and SCUBA tours, kayak and stand-up paddleboarding, golf, and much more. Our expert concierge team uses its local knowledge and connections to give each of our guests an unforgettable Maui vacation experience that speaks to their interests and passions.

This is all topped off by our gourmet culinary offerings, which provide the perfect blend of taste, craftsmanship, and local ingredients. Our collection of award-winning restaurants is complemented by curated private and special dining experiences, giving guests the chance to create unforgettable dining experiences rooted in the very essence of the ‘āina we call home.

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