The Event Safety Lessons We Haven’t Learned

Be prepared for high-profile disasters — as well as the many incidents that are more likely to arise.

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Event-safety training might cover a weather event or active shooter scenario, but will you know what to do if an attendee has a heart attack on-site? While it’s important to prepare for major but less common disasters, we can’t forget the incidents that are much more likely to happen, says Alan Kleinfeld, an event-safety specialist and a meeting planner. In this episode of Eventful, he shares best practices for minimizing risks and handling problems with maximum efficiency.
event-safety-234Among topics addressed:
Why we tend to be more prepared for events that are less likely to happen (3:15)
How preparation helps us push past the natural reaction of fear (7:51)
Basic safety elements to look for when doing a site inspection (8:21)
The expectation that our next “pandemic” will be a widespread mental health crisis (11:49)
The importance of communicating safety protocols to attendees (15:21)
How to delegate so that safety and crisis preparation doesn’t all fall on the shoulders of the meeting planner (17:46)

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