Truth or Lies? Business Advice From a Body-Language Expert

Tips for identifying when someone is negotiating honestly, and how to boost your own confidence.

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Deception is rampant in the business world today, says body-language expert Traci Brown. After suffering significant losses, meeting planners and suppliers are more apt to bend the truth or omit important information to seal a deal. In this discussion with Northstar’s Loren Edelstein, Brown reveals the verbal and physical clues that subconsciously coincide with lying.
body-language-234Key topics addressed:

• Why lying is so prevalent today (1:45)

• How deception can take many forms, including lies of omission (3:15)

• The danger of “alternative facts,” bold-faced denials and “deep-fake video” (3:45)

• Why there’s less transparency in hotel negotiations today (5:00)

• Clues that suggest someone is lying or holding back information (6:48)

• Why performance guarantees aren’t effective (8:30)

• How communication is critical for avoiding and resolving problems (10:00)

• Identifying signs of deception in a phone call  (10:50)

• Why you should trust your gut; believe it the first time and take action (12:20)

• How paying close attention is the most important way to spot deception (13:00)

• What to do or say when you suspect a problem (13:50)

• How to present yourself as authoritative and trustworthy in negotiations (14:35)

• A simple hand trick that will give you confidence (15:00)

• How confidence is reflected in your choice of words (16:55)

• Where to go for more information on reading body language (18:40)

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